Super model of the world Pageant

   The government of China may have to consider declaring the month of May as, 'Ania.K Models month' after this years 19th annual, Super Model World Cosmos Pageant recently held in Beijing.  With 51 entrees from around the world our girls walked away with 5 trophies.... including 2nd and 3rd!!  Talk about making an impression.  Katica and Florenta... 2nd and 3rd, were joined by Lili, Amanda, Jessica and Polina as contestants in this years pageant. The contest was coordinated by Flarestars Models and sponsored by the Chinese government.








Anyone assuming the life of a model is nothing but posing for pretty pictures by day with parties and dancing all night will get an earful... and probably a slap from these girls.  We're talking up at 6AM, bags packed and on the bus heading to a new city for parades, press conferences and meet and greets... then finally back to the hotel for 11PM... each and every day. They never mention those hours in any of the fashion mags!

When asked, each gave the same answer as to what the highlights were to them...  "Meeting the other Ania.K Models. It was like we were the Ania.K gang. Whenever there was a problem, we all went to the organizers together. Nobody messed with us!! haha.  We ate together, went shopping together, saw the sites together. It was awesome!"

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