It's been some time since we've had an update on the "What's happening" page. I can think of no one more more deserving for this months feature than Australian sensation Kristina Akheeva.

Aside from staggering good looks and what we believe to be the most perfect face in the business, she possesses an incredible ability to breathe style and emotion into every picture.  








Here are a few highlights from Manila.  Stay tuned. I can guarantee you'll be seeing a lot more of Kristina. 





Kristina's been an Ania.K model for a couple of years now, and we've discovered a common theme when chatting with anyone who's had the pleasure of working with her. Grace, charm and professionalism are words we hear constantly. Always a smile and eager to please, but what takes people by surprise is her drive and level of ambition.  Kristina isn't just another pretty face.... This supermodels got a nose for business!!